A different type devices compared to the already known cash registers and printers, made for installation inside vending machines, electronic games, service automats, etc. TREMOL V has no keyboard, neither printing mechanism, but only display (showing the receipt). The purpose of the fiscal TREMOL V is to transfer information about the turnovers of the machines to NRA servers.

The non fiscal version of TREMOL V is not equipped with display and transfers data in real time to customer’s server, in order to analyze sales volume from distance online.

Value for price

Primarily the device was developed in accordance to the Bulgarian law, but afterwards was of big interest to many other owners of vending machines in Europe and South America. Combined with special software the system collects and analyzes the received data continuously and gives a full picture of the sales regardless location and time. TREMOL V also provides alerts in situations where the vending machine is not functioning (common errors, electricity falls, etc.)


Fiscal memory OTP FLASH
*fiscal solution, if required by any law
Real time clock Min 90 days without power supply
Display LCD, two lines (no backlight)
16 characters per line
8 mm height
Large graphic
Interface to vending machine MDB, Executive A, BDV, Parallel (4, 10, 16 pin), customized
Programming interface RS-232
Battery 6V/2000mAh
Dimention 25x105x70 mm, 0.095kg


  • GPRS Communication
  • RS-232 Interface
  • SD Memory
  • Rechargable Batteries