About Us

The Company

Tremol Ltd was established in 2002 in Veliko Tarnovo, a city known with its tradition in the electronic industry. Shortly after it has been found, the company has gained great knowhow and moved forward to the leading positions on the Bulgarian market. The product range is wide and varies form fiscal cash registers to fiscal and POS printers, developed for the domestic and the foreign markets. The company exports 80 % of its production abroad and only 20% of its capacity serves the domestic market. At the moment we are present on the following markets Romania, Greece, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Lithuania, Latvia, Bangladesh, Armenia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ethiopia, Panama, Tanzania and recently working on the implementation in Hungary, and Turkey. We are always open for different projects and take the possibility for new partnerships with high priority.


The company has strong social policy and the big desire to develop together with its employees, as they are the driving force for our achievements. We have shown fast and effective R&D in order to cover the needs of the market. The excellent quality, support and on time delivery are the core factors for satisfying our customers.


To create and develop a fiscal solution where its integration and user friendly interface are an advantage both for the end customer and the government authorities


We have the ability and aim to constantly improve, to adopt innovative technologies and expand on new markets. Regardless how fast our development raises, we take it as a must to provide complete support to our partners all the way through the end customers via live & online training sessions.

Corporate Quality Targets

Corporate Quality Policy

Environmentally friendly and sustainable products

  • Power save mode
  • Unleaded soldering
  • Recyclable materials
  • Compact size
  • Paper saver
  • Recycled packaging
  • Cost optimizing and analyzing equipment


ISO 9001:2015